Rover's Morning Glory

Rover's Morning Glory

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Duji gives an update on her eye, unemployed loser Barbie, pro wrestler calls Rover out, and more!

Jeffrey breathes into Rover's face, a strange coincidence, a baby is shot, and much more!

A strange coincidence. Someone was living on a bus filled with farm animals. Cat scratch fever. Surveillance video of a baby being shot in the crossfire. Learning Italian. A police officer in Indiana is recovering after touching a dollar bill with an unknown white substance on it. Would you save a three-year-old or a six-month-old? The broken radio. Woman in Texas upset that her daughter with down syndrome was picked up by a car salesman and taken to the dealership to purchase a car. Something is wrong with Dieter's car, and something is wrong with Jeffrey's breath. Video of a woman bitten by a horse of the Royal Guard. Video from on the roof from where the shooter was taken out at the Trump rally. 

Rover learned something about JLR, a conspiracy starts after a restaurant burns down, and more!

Duji believes she the hotel she was staying at tried to scam her. Rover overhears a hysterical phone call. Secret Service Director Cheatle questioned. Body cam video of Illinois police called to a home ends up with one person dead. Rover learned something new about Jeffrey. Local restaurant burns down. Dial up internet. A couple at the beach are disrupted by onlookers. A seagull attempts to take a french fry from a little girl.

The Larocque family was in Rochester, a robbery, the Hamptons, and much more!

Birthversary. The Larocque family trip to Seabreeze in Rochester. JLR does Dirty Jobs. Why was the show off on Friday? A robbery, 36 cases of champagne, and the Hamptons. How much do you tip your Uber driver? Joe Biden drops out of the Presidential race. Another buffer zone violation. The show opens gifts that were dropped off. Road rage video turns deadly. Miss Kansas beauty pageant contestant's response goes viral.  

Is Rover a hypocrite, secret bank accounts, Bianca Censori's outfit choices, and much more!

Serena Williams says after she was ghosted it gave her motivation to work harder. Would Dieter be upset if his wife was hiding large purchases she made? Who is in charge of the expenses at home? Secret bank accounts. Charlie prints out his airline ticket. Rover has itchy bug bites on his ankles. Bianca Censori's outfit choices. 90 Day Fiancé star, Stephanie Matto, claims she was paid to date a U.S. Senator. Is Rover a hypocrite? Dieter's Conspiracy Corner talks about a recent assassination attempt.     

Does JLR have health insurance, Rover did a double take, abusing emergency services, and more!

The Larocque's are going to Rochester. Woman films a couple at the beach. Alec Baldwin's case was dismissed. A woman plead guilty for abusing emergency services. Who has called 911 the most on the show? Oysters cause yet another tragedy. Salting your food. A picture of Naomi Campbell in Ibiza had Rover doing a double take. Has Jeffrey called about his health insurance? Rover was upset by a phone call that B2 received. Who leaves their keys in their unlocked car?

Duji has an eye problem, Popeyes car crash, minors' wages versus adults, and much more!

Woman crashed her car into a Popeyes. How much does the Hawk Tuah girl, Hailey Welch, get paid per appearance? Would Duji do OnlyFans for a million dollars? Manager at a Burger King was fired for hiring her son and his teenage friends. Should minors get paid the same amount as an adult? Former Red Sox player, Kevin Youkilis, is seen in video during an alleged assault. Something is wrong with Duji's eye.  

Duji is back, was the Trump shooting a setup or did the secret service fail, and much more!

Duji is back from Florida. Dieter is wearing a tactical vest. Video of people attempting to exit a plane that is on fire. Attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump. Did the secret service fail or was this a setup? 

JLR dentist update, Brad Williams and Marlon Wayans stop by the show, and much more!

What do women carry in their purse? JLR attempts to prounuce a few different cities and gives and update on his dentist appointment. Comedian Brad Williams stops by the show and talks about threesomes, family life, and the challenges of being a little person. Marlon Wayans visits the studio and chats about his movie career, childhood, fatherhood, and life's struggles. 

Rover has a painful bump in his neck, how much money has Krystle's sugar daddy sent, and more!

Actuating traffic lights. New law in Europe requires every car to have a speed limiter. Charlie has a device to stream to his car video screen. Rover has a painful bump in his neck. Ben Affleck's daughter, Violet, spoke about mask mandates and UV filtering. Video of the car that drove through a nail salon and killed an off-duty police officer. BBC race reporter's family was murdered by cross bow. Woman killed her sugar daddy and used his severed finger to make online purchases. How much money has Krystle received from her sugar daddy? Dieter's Conspiracy Corner discusses Project 2025.