Stacy's Top 10 TV Dads

Father's Day can be a tricky holiday, I know. I've got an incredible Dad, I'm grateful.

This day can bring an array of emotions, especially if you're one who has experienced loss, or grew up in a state where fatherhood wasn't represented well. It's all over the spectrum.

With that said - let's have some fun with... the Top TV Dads! 

(This is my list... if you wanna rip it apart, we probably just have different tastes in TV shows...)

10 - Tim Taylor, of Home Improvement

9 - Frank Costanza, of Seinfeld

8 - Ray Barone, of Everybody Loves Raymond

7 - Peter Rose, of Schitt's Creek

6 - Peter Griffin, of Family Guy

5 - Homer Simpson, of The Simpsons

4 - Hal, of Malcolm in the Middle

3 - Al Bundy, of Married with Children

2 - Phil Dunphee, of Modern Family

1 - Red Forman, of That 70s Show

Listen, no "older" shows made the cut, because I never watched them. This is 35-year-old Stacy's list, who watched a lot of TGIF in the 90s.

Now, That 70s Show is superb, in every way. Hands down, Kurtwood Smith as Red Forman is the greatest TV Dad. He had a lot of screen time, and rightly so, as him and Kitty were the show's benchmarks and best characters. We’ll see if That 90s Show coming to Netflix will be any good.

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