ICYMI - Deleted "The Batman" Scene with the Joker

I finally saw The Batman on Saturday. My quick synopsis? Go see it at a theater with luxury seating if you're over the age of 30. You might need that lumbar support for this 3 hour movie. I thought it was good. Definitely long. But good.

The director of The Batman, Matt Reeves, gave us this creepy deleted scene last Thursday.

He had viewers search it out, featuring word puzzles in the same model as the Riddler did in the film.

Now that fun part is over - at least, I can't find the original website for the dang life of me - the deleted scene is out for everyone to see.

The comment section features someone saying, "this Joker needs to be built up. We need to see him little by little in the next film and really bring him out for the last film." To which, people say "agreed, 2nd agreed, 3rd agreed, 4th agreed" and onward.


However, I have a hard time looking at this Joker. Perhaps, that's a job well done on his prosthetics. I mean, the dude did fall into a vat of acid.

Deleted scene here!

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