David Lee Roth 'Always Hated' Van Halen Bandmates, Is Still A Giant Baby

Does anyone actually like David Lee Roth?

The ex Van Halen frontman was on Marc Maron's WTF Podcast and didn't hold back when talking about his former bandmates.

“We have always hated each other, right up until the last phone call,” Roth asserted.
The singer went on to explain that hatred has been a continual part of his dynamic with Eddie and Alex. “There were always creative differences,” Roth insisted. “We’ve never gotten along. We started in rival bands. Bitter rivals. But we were thrown together and it was amazing."

A lot of people would probably think Roth’s relationship with his bandmates was toxic but the singer believes the animosity within Van Halen actually contributed to the group’s popularity.

“Think of your favorite jeans,” he explained. “They’re ruined and full of holes. What you love most about them is the fucked-up parts.”

Quotes from Ultimate Classic Rock.

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