Are Dating Apps Dead?

Now I may not be one to talk since I've been in my relationship for almost 3 years now but from what I'm seeing online and hearing from my peers, the dating app may have already reached it's peak and is now ever so slowly declining.

I'm not saying I've never used one of these apps (Tinder, Bumble, and okCupid come to mind) but the heyday for millennial online dating seems to be exactly when I was using it, 2012-2016. I had been on a few dates from Tinder but I only had a profile on okCupid for 24 HOURS before I matched with my current boyfriend, got a message from him, and deleted the app altogether 3 weeks later. Obviously whatever algorithm these apps use work pretty well for it to work so well for me, right? But apparently those success stories are becoming few and far between in 2019.

These days more and more people are using these apps as a way to just meet other people, not necessarily for a romantic relationship of any kind, and it's provided an outlet for those with...not so good intentions to have easy and constant access to a rotating lineup of people who are growing more and more tired with the dating culture of today. So what are they doing?

Looking for potential partners OUTSIDE. IN PUBLIC. What is this 1970?!

More and more millennials, that's those aged 23-38 (we're getting old everybody), are looking for potential partners at local bars and parks rather than the dating apps that used to be so widely accepted.

So where do you think this is headed? Will finding a spouse/partner online have a resurgence or should we just stick with the tried and true asking a stranger for their number?

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