Possible Movie Theater Being Built In Poughkeepsie

From Spectrum News:

Bowtie Cinemas is considering spending $11 million on a 40,000 square foot, nine-theater complex at the city parking lot on North Hamilton Street. Council members like the idea since most proposals they've been getting have been for housing. Since the site is just blocks from many homes many parents are excited about the possibility of Bowtie coming to the city.

Poughkeepsie Economic Development Director Paul Calogerakis said Bowtie representatives estimate the project would create as many as 90 jobs: 50 in construction, 5 in management and 35 part time jobs. He also said that preliminary research indicates Bowtie's presence would attract about 300,000 visitors to Poughkeepsie each year.

What do you think? Anything else they could do with the space besides a movie theater?

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