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September is Recovery Month

Life is basically simple, but its within each day is where the battle lives

"Life on Lifes terms"
Thats not a great way to tackle our existence

Ive seen how i can get caught up in the "outside World"
of ourb own control things get really out of hand. At least for me

Here are some things that I came across that I thought I would share to help keep things in perspective

1. News

The news is there to hack your attention. Not to keep you informed.

hey want you to:

• Be Distracted

• Believe their lies

• Stay under their control

Observe with your mind not your eyes.

2. Failure

"You should avoid failure there is one correct answer."


Make mistakes so you can:

• Grow • Learn • Strengthen your skills

Nobody is born perfect. Embrace failure and see it as an opportunity to grow.

3. Work hard
WRONG You should work smart, not hard. Don't get me wrong, it will still get hard sometimes, but they want you to trade your time for money your whole life.

1 Minute of your life is worth more than all money combined.

Stop valuing it more than your time.

4. Money "those little green pieces of paper that make the world go round"

Until 1971, money was tied to gold, which gave money value.

Nowadays, money is tied to nothing. Money is basically worthless.

Learn how: • To create money with no money • To make money work for you • Money works FOR YOU or you will work your entire life for it.

5. Consumerism

Many people think fulfillment lies in materialistic things. WRONG

It lies in:

• Personal growth

• Relationships

• Self-love

and in contributing to something greater than ourselves.

You won't find fulfillment anywhere else.

6. Change is impossible

“Life is the way it is”

That's a lie. Life is what you make out of it.

Before you can live the life you want, you must become a person.

Change how you: • Think• Feel• Act

and you can become almost anybody.

IMPOSSIBLE doesnt exist.. it just takes a little longer to achieve.
The word ITSELF says IM POSSIBLE - if you just give it a little space ;)

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