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"Mellows" final lap before he reaches “doggie heaven" . . .

Story that we came across in the NY TIMES

A Pennsylvania dog diagnosed with terminal cancer was greeted by dozens of neighbors for his last walk so that everyone could say farewell to him. Mellow the dog had walked the streets of Dupont, Pennsylvania, with his owner, Kevin Curry, twice a day since September 2019.

Tragically, the rescue pup was recently diagnosed with a fast-spreading lymphoma — so Curry led Mellow on one final lap Saturday as a farewell before he reaches “doggie heaven.”

 Here is Mellow's owner Kevin Curry talking about getting all of the pup's friends to come out and say goodbye for his very last walk.

Almost the entire town of Dupont, Pennsylvania came outside to witness the final walk of a local dog named Mellow, who was recently diagnosed with a fast-spreading lymphoma.

 Mellow's owner put notes in people's mailboxes to spread the word about the dog's last walk . . . and it was a success. 

One neighbor said, "There were at least 25 people [on the first block]. When I looked to the next block, there was another 20. I'm going to say that was how the whole walk went." 

(Here's Mellow's owner talking about the walk.)

I thought this was a great way to share something special and show how kind people can be.
Remember to love each other as much as we do our pets .. We can do it.

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