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Seemingly Innocent Things That Are SUPER Dangerous - You wont believe #1

1. "Kitten bites."

"If a kitten has unclean teeth and bites you to the point you draw blood there's a decent chance you can get a major infection and die. Their teeth [are] like little needles that inject bacteria right into your blood, and since their teeth [are] so thin you heal from the bite really fast. However your body never had a chance to clean the bacteria before the wound closed, so the rate of infection is crazy high."

2. "Pushing and using force to push out a turd."


"Unfortunately true. If you have to do a lot of straining, adjust your diet/talk to a doctor. Hard straining can cause everything from minor inconveniences like hemorrhoids, up to heart attacks and strokes. And let's face it, no one really wants to get found dead on the toilet."


3. "Driving while tired. It can be just as dangerous as driving while drunk, but many people do it without thinking twice."

"For context, 20 hours awake impairs you as much as .08% BAC, which counts as DUI in many states."


4. "Both moving water and still water on the road can be very dangerous."

"You never know how deep it could be, and water can absolutely pick your whole car up and send you off in unintended directions quite suddenly, at the same speed you were traveling."


5. "A lot of people end up with liver failure from overusing Tylenol (acetaminophen). Its not harmless, don't treat it like Skittles."


This may affect many of you

13. "Sitting all day."


"I just tore my psoas because I sit all day and it was weak . I never knew you could tear a muscle from underuse. Two months of excruciating pain, three weeks of PT and I’m finally getting better. But yeah, stretching and yoga are top priority for me now."


FYI: The psoas muscle is among the most significant muscles that overlie the vertebral column. It is a long fusiform muscle on either side of the vertebral column and the brim of the lesser pelvis. At its distal end, it combines with the iliacus muscle to form the iliopsoas muscle. Thanks google ;)

& this one is just scary

16. "Bleach."

"Mix with ammonia? Basically mustard gas (you die). Mix with alcohol? Chloroform (you can pass out and have organ failure). Mix with vinegar? Chlorine gas (you die).

Bonus: Mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar? Peracetic acid (your lungs bleed).

To clarify: DO NOT CLEAN PEE WITH BLEACH. (Pee has ammonia.)"



'Seriously, I'm just gonna wrap myself in bubble wrap and stay home.'

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