Central Hudson releases its response to PSC’s criticism over its billing

According to Mid-Hudson News, POUGHKEEPSIE – Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation has released its 92-page response to major criticism over its billing problems.

Converting to a new system a year ago resulted in customers receiving massive increases in charges and little recourse.

While the report is voluminous, Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger said it has not fully addressed the issues.

“It claimed that it had corrected customer bills and ensured that each customer has an accurate bill, but we know this is not the case,” she said. The county executive said she has continually been contacted by constituents who have been waited months for Central Hudson to resolve their billing issues. “They haven’t gotten regress and new problems appear to continue to arise,” she said.

Metzger said her own mother received three Central Hudson bills in one week as the billing SNAFU continues.

“Central Hudson’s response is glaringly insufficient for the extensive wrongdoing and economic hardships they’ve caused customers across the Hudson Valley,” said Senator Michelle Hinchey (D, Saugerties). “I stand firmly behind the PSC’s investigation, the findings of their damning report, and urge the Commission to move quickly toward a penalty process that delivers justice in support of ratepayers and a path forward that ensures the full correction of all past billing errors.”

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