You deserve a #1 fan but in this day and age, does social media allow it?!

Having a partner is a beautiful thing, being loved and loving someone every day is a great feeling, however, it can also be very stressful.

I know many people that are in or trying to re enter the dating scene, and what you find is that it just isn't that easy. You find people that just want to be friends with benefits and for some that will do but for others that want to find their #1 fan.....well, that just isn't enough.

Where do you meet someone, how do you meet them? Are you a stalker if you find them on social media, is it creepy? So many scenarios are out there, especially with social media adding to the mix. When you do meet someone, is it hard in this day and age to have a romantic relationship? Well, I personally don't think it's easy. We all have so much going on in our own lives, it is hard to give that "puppy love" that we loved so much when we were younger to a significant other as we get older.

So many people I know also have issues because of social media, fighting about likes and posts and were they online or offline, it truly does make your head spin. I have been guilty, I'm not going to perceive myself to be an angel in this scenario. All I do know, is that it is much harder than it ever has been. Many relationships suffer because of everything being "out there", it is tough. Back when my parents and grandparents were young, it was courting and taking the girl out and opening her car door, being chivalrous, making each other feel special, like they were the only person. I'm not sure if its because they were the only person, because no social media existed or what but let alone they were it, they were enough.

Being enough is what we all strive for, a partner who gets us, who is willing to stand by us, fight for us and love, respect and care for us. A #1 fan, someone who is always in your corner no matter what argument you get in, you know they aren't looking for a way out because times get tough, but a way to work through it and make things better because they don't want to live without you.

So in this social media era, all I can say is communication is key, talk to your partner about what you want and expect, keep the respect, trust and chivalry going. Surprises, little notes, less social media, more talks and walks, remembering whats in front of you is as real as it's going to get, and what is on line.....well sometimes, it's not so good.

Love isn't defined by words alone, but the actions behind those words that make them come alive. Cheers to finding your #1 fan!

Dream, Believe, Inspire~

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Zgirl Lynne

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