Queen Vs Led Zeppelin

Celebrating anniversaries of two classic albums today (Nov. 8), Queen 'Sheer Heart Attack' and Led Zeppelin '4'. Who's your pick?

Two of the biggest British rock bands of all time going at it today. Led Zeppelin released their classic Led Zeppelin 4 album on this day back in 1971 on Atlantic Records. It was produced by Jimmy Page and includes one of the band's best known songs, "Stairway to Heaven". Other great songs include "Black Dog", "Rock N' Roll", among others. The album is really a masterpiece and is pretty much flawless from beginning to end. The album has sold over 37 million copies worldwide and is one of the best-selling albums in the United States.

Queen released their third studio album Sheer Heart Attack 45 years ago back in 1974 on EMI Records in the U.K. and on Elektra Records in the United States. It contains the songs "Killer Queen", "Now I'm Here", and "Stone Cold Crazy" among other gems. Although album sales for Sheer Heart Attack don't come near those of Led Zeppelin 4, it's still an amazing album. Who wins? 

I think both albums are terrific personally, and I'm gonna remain neutral here.

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