Lay down or the Universe will flatten you!

This isn't really what I was thinking for my first blog here at IheartRadio, however, when life throws you lemons, you're suppose to make lemonade, right?! ......something like that anyway.

So, I'm sure like most of you, I am not alone when I say I live a hurried life. Many of you might have two or more jobs,like I do. You may have kids, pets, aging parents....who knows whats on your plate exactly. What I do know, is that I see many of us going through life on autopilot, from one thing to the next with very little or no time in between. Our diets suffer because we don't have time for healthy eating. Our sleep suffer, because once we actually get in bed after a very long day, we have a hard time unwinding from the day and have trouble slowing our minds enough to actually get to sleep and get the rest we need.

The universe has a funny way of revealing to you what you need. It never fails, every time I don't have a second left in my schedule and I tell myself that I just need to get through the next few days and I will take a happens, I get sick and now I have no other option bed, but to lay in my bed, turn off my phone and cut myself off from the world. It happened just last week, in fact- and probably a year before that. To tell you the truth, I get so mad at myself because it always happens at my busiest time, too. When it first happens, I get annoyed and then after a few hours of peace and not having to run off in every direction, I take a deep breath and learn to roll with it. Feeding yourself well, resting like you should and butting ourselves off for a day or two, to recharge our minds, is usually the cure.

In life we are suppose to make ourselves a priority. If we don't take care of ourselves, how can we take care of things and people we need to take care of, like family, animals, work, our community. So once again, I am going to try to remember to do this, penciling myself in my schedule....and I implore you to do the same, learn from my wake up call. Lets pencil in eating healthy, or meal prepping, going to the gym or for a quick walk, perhaps even some mindful meditation so we can get better sleep for our bodies. As always make time for some good music, it feeds the soul and heals from the inside out. Ahhh! I am invigorated to try this out and not have the universe flatten me again, so I will take the bull by the horns and lay down on my own. Like I said in my headline....lay down, before the universe flattens you.!

Dream, Believe, Inspiere~Zgirl Lynne

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