Department Store Day

Today (Oct. 16) is Department Store Day.

According to National Day Calendar, today is Department Store Day. A day observed annually on Oct. 16 to consider how department stores innovations have impacted shopping in our daily lives. 

This day has got me thinking about one of my first jobs out of high school working at Ames in Amenia, NY. I would have to get there at like 5am each morning, unloading trucks and then going to the hardware department and stocking shelves all day for a minimal salary. I did enjoy some of my time there as I met some great co-workers. It was sad when Ames and all the other department stores went out of business. It used to be great to shop at stores like Ames, Jamesway, Caldor, Bradlees and so many others for music and everyday essential home goods. Seem like all that is left is WalMart these days.

What was your favorite now defunct department store to shop at back in the day?

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