Toddler Drives His Battery-Powered Toy Tractor To County Fair

An adventurous toddler decided that he wanted to go check out the county fair, so he got into his battery-powered tractor and drove to the Chisago County fairgrounds. Kenneth Allen left his backyard and hit the sidewalks, cruising along at one-mile-per-hour toward the fair, which was just a couple of blocks from his house.

When his parents realized he was missing, they called the police, thinking he had been kidnapped.

"Just scared, what was going through my mind was that someone had actually took him," his mother Lynn told Fox9.

Officers were already at the fair and quickly found the red-haired two-year-old safe and sound hanging out by his favorite ride, the Tilt-a-Whirl. The officers brought the boy and his tractor home, where his father grounded him and took the battery out of his favorite toy.

"I was glad to see him, but the first thing I did was pop the hood, pulled his battery and said you're grounded," Kenneth's father Kristopher said. "Kids will be kids and things will happen, it is what it is. I'm not mad at him; next time stay in the yard."