40 Years Ago: The Cars Release 'Candy-O'

The Cars released the album 'Candy-O' 40 years ago today (June 13, 1979).

The Cars released their second studio album Candy-O in 1979 on Elektra Records.Candy-O featured the Top 20 hit "Let's Go' along with the single "It's All I Can Do". All Music gave Candy-O a positive review. Critic Greg Prato said "While the album was not as stellar as it's predecessor [The Cars] was, it did contain several classics, resulting in another smash album that solidified the band's standing as one of the most promising new band's of the late 70's." The album was ranked No. 87 on Billboard's 1979 "Top Albums of the Year" chart. Candy-O would go 4 times platinum in the U.S. for sales of over 4 million copies. What's your favorite song off Candy-O?

Album cover photo credit: Elektra Records

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