40 Years Ago: Judas Priest Release 'Hell Bent For Leather'

Judas Priest released the album Hell Bent for Leather in the U.S. 40 years ago today. (Feb. 28,1979).

Originally known as Killing Machine, Judas Priest's fifth studio album was renamed Hell Bent for Leather in the U.S. due to controversy over the Cleveland Elementary School shooting. The U.S. branch of Columbia/CBS Records didn't like the "murderous implications" of the title. The album pushed the band towards a more commercial style, but still contained the usual dark lyrical themes. What is your favorite song off the album? See track listing below.

Album Cover photo credit: Columbia Records

  1. "Delivering the Goods"
  2. "Rock Forever"
  3. "Evening Star"
  4. "Hell Bent for Leather"
  5. "Take on the World"
  6. "Burnin' Up"
  7. "The Green Manalishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown)" Fleetwood Mac cover
  8. "Killing Machine"
  9. "Running Wild"
  10. "Before the Dawn"
  11. "Evil Fantasies"


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