Friday, December 21: Tig's Rock Birthdays

Brett Scallions of Fuel performing. Photo credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images

Happy Birthday today (Dec. 21) to singer Brett Scallions of Fuel. He’s 47.

Brett Scallions was original frontman for Fuel between 1993 and 2006. Fuel released three major albums during that time including the double platinum selling Something Like Human. Hit singles from the band included “Shimmer”, “Hemmorhage (In My Hands)”, and “Falls on Me”. Scallions left the band in 2006 and would eventually return in 2010.Fuel released the album Puppet Strings in 2014. It would be the band’s first new album to feature original singer Brett Scallions since 2003’s Natural Selection. The band toured with Everclear in 2015 on the annual Summerland tour. In addition to his work with Fuel, Scallions at one time fronted a newer version of The Doors with Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek called Riders on The Storm. I've gotten to see Brett Scallions perform live with Fuel many times over the years and he has always been cool, often hanging out afterwards with the fans. I saw a special intimate, acoustic performance a few years ago in The Loft (upstairs at The Chance) in Poughkeepsie which had the feel of an old VH1 Storytellers show. He would tell stories in between performing Fuel songs, along with covers from the Rolling Stones and Beatles to Hank Williams Jr and Johnny Cash to Nirvana an Stone Temple Pilots. It was a really cool show and really showcased how talented the man is. Cheers to Brett Scallions on his birthday today!

Tigman hangin with Brett Scallions of Fuel/The Rutigliano Archives

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