Popular NY College Town Diner Closes It's Doors

College Diner, New Paltz NY. Google Maps

College Diner in New Paltz, NY has closed it's doors.

A popular mainstay for over 40 years in New York's Hudson Valley, the College Diner which operated 24 hours/7 days a week all these years recently closed it's the doors and is up for sale. According to theBrokerList, the property which sits on 500 Main Street in New Paltz is up for sale for $1.2 Million or lease for $135,000.  

It's sad to see this diner closing as  I would spend many a drunken night back in the day stopping in there to sober up a bit after bouncing around bar to bar in that town.  Have any memories of the College Diner in New Paltz? Feel free to share.

Photo credit: Google Maps

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