Was Halloween 3 Really That Bad?

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Universal Pictures

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch got bashed by many critics. But was it really that bad?

I'm a huge fan of the Halloween movie franchise, and I realize that Halloween 3 had nothing to do with Michael Myers and shouldn't have been part of the original film series, but does that make it a bad movie? The third installment in the Halloween movie series follows Dr. Dan Challis played by actor Tom Atkins who tries to solve the mysterious murder of a patient in his hospital. He along with the patient's daughter travel to the small California town of Santa Mira where they discover Silver Shamrock Novelties (a company that produces Halloween masks for children). The evil man behind Silver Shamrock Novelties tries to get children to wear his masks and watch the Silver Shamrock commercial on Halloween night, killing the children.

Despite having nothing to do with killer Michael Myers, Halloween 3 has developed a cult following over the years, and I actually like the film. And who doesn't like that catchy Silver Shamrock theme song? (watch commercial below). Happy Halloween! 

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

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