Happy National Pierogi Day

Today (Oct. 8) is National Pierogi Day.

According to the National Day Calendar, National Pierogi Day is observed annually on Oct. 8 to enjoy the delicious side dish.  Pierogi is the plural form of the rarely used polish word Pierog. Pierogi are dumplings made up of unleavened dough that are first boiled then sometimes baked or fried in butter they are traditionally stuffed with a mashed potato filling with cheese, onion, cabbage, sauerkraut, ground meat, mushroom, spinach or fruit. They are often served with melted butter, sour cream, bacon bits, and sauteed mushrooms or onions.

I love Pierogies! Great memories of growing up as a kid. We'd often have that blue box of  Mrs. T's Pierogies in the freezer and we'd fry them up on the stove with melted butter and top them off with sauteed onions. Good stuff! Enjoy some pierogies today as we celebrate them in all their greatness. Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images


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