Is AC/DC Mad People Have Spotted Them Rehearsing?

When Brian Johnson left AC/DC in 2016 we thought that was probably the end for the legendary frontman, but it looks like that's not it. We've seen multiple reports that the band is rehearsing and recording in Vancouver.

That brings me much joy but it might not be the case for the band. 

According to AC/DC might be slightly pissed off that everyone is all up in their business while their trying to get back together. 

I have been told from word passed along by insiders that the band is not pleased by you blowing their cover in town," he reported. "Of course, they might consider it a good idea to stay away from going outside the studio for a smoke or whatever...

Let's let then rehearse or record in peace and see what happens. They're trying to surprise us! Let's be surprised! 

Angus Young

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