Watch Gene Simmons Welcome Blind Fan Onstage to Sing "Dr. Love"


Gene Simmons and his solo band recently welcomed a blind fan onstage to sing "Dr. Love" at a show in Lynn, Massachusetts. 

While the KISS bassist wrote in an update later that he was proud to "invite" Brian McCauley onstage, from what he described of McCauley, it seems more like that fan invited himself.

"We did not rehearse with him," Simmons said. "We didn’t know that Brian was a graduate of a school for the blind, originally started by Helen Keller. All we knew was that he was relentless." 

Simmons continued saying McCauley contacted every member of the band, including the club promoter, before barging into Simmons' dressing room.

"[He] told me he would be on stage to sing 'Dr. Love.' In G flat, no less."

Simmons said McCauley's persistence and determination was inspiring and that "he proceeded to tear the roof off the concert hall, steal the show and upstage the entire band."

The best part is that Simmons is definitely not exaggerating. McCauley didn't miss a note and the crowd was beside itself as he hyped up the audience between verses.

"See for yourself, what this remarkable young man did," Simmons wrote. "When I grow up, I want to be just like him."

You can watch fan-filmed video of McCauley's guest performance above!

KISS frontman Paul Stanley said recently that he could see the band continuing without him and Simmons, and with voices like McCauley's out there, that's looking even more plausible.

For Simmons, in addition to his solo tour and spending 2018 delivering his 'Vault' set to fans around the world, is also preparing to release another book.

Photo: Getty Images


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