Mobile DJ Plays "Gucci Gang" at Grade School Party

As many of you may know, I am a mobile DJ as well as being on air here and working the barber shop. One of my biggest pet peeves is the music today. Pop music is allowed to be more dirty and referance drug use more now then when i was of age and the whole parental advisory sticker thing started showing up on records. Well now when i play a party or wedding i always go for the clean version of a song and still some songs giving the audience i will choose not to play it. Like this weeks Sweet 16, the dad wants no profanity, and i agree. Well last week at a school dance in Florida, the DJ played the new song Gucci Gang by Lil’ Pump and even though it was the clean version but still the song has reference to cocaine use. Of course some of the parents were upset by this, Needless to say this guy will not be invited back, but for the love of god, mind your play lists. Click here for more.


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