It is Red Tuesday

Today is the the most popular day of the year to get dumped. That's right we are one week away from Valentine's Day and that makes today the easiest day to get out of your commitment with someone so you are not on the line to give a gift you don't want to give anyway. Check this out, 80% of people said the main reason they did it was so they wouldn't feel guilty FAKING their way through Valentine's Day next week and 55% said they broke up with the person face-to-face . . . 28% did it over the phone . . . 12% did it over text . . . and 5% did it on social media. Click here for all the details. I just picture this song playing after you deliver the news. Don't forget, you can see Puddle of Mudd do this jem live at the Chance Theater March 19th.



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