Legoland, Are you For it Or Against it Coming to Orange County?

OK so here is something I have to talk about and it is near and dear to my heart because it effects where I live. As many of you know I am a small business owner in Middletown NY. Scotty’s Barber Shop is one of the best places for a man or boy to get there hair cut in all of Orange County. Now In my house hold we are a huge fan of Lego and we were very excited about the possiblitly of Legoland coming to Goshen. I am still behind the project. I understand how it will bring a lot of people into this area and I understand the trafice it will cause and I am still 100% for it. I see these other people who don’t share my opinion which is fine, there are always those who swim against the stream and I am all for it, however in this case it is not so. The main reason why I am not for it is because if Legoland does not go into that area, another Hassidic Community like in Monroe and Bloomingberg will take that land and the town and village of Goshen’s infrastructure would not be able to support and it would do way more damage then Legoland would. Anyway You can check out soe of the details about the last protest of Legoland and how these people are now just grasping at straws to stop it.

Read more here. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images


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