Scotty Perry Featured on Time Warner Cable News

I made the TWC News on NYE! One of my fellow small business owners, Kamal Patel, has a store named Beer King, in Middletown. Now since he patronizes my business, I keep it local and return the favor when it comes time to get some of my favorite Craft Brews. Not only does he sell them but once he knows what you like, he can point you in the right direction as to new stuff you should try. Well, I was in there on the morning of New Years Eve and in walked the news, and she asked if they could shoot in the store and if i would talk to them on camera. I said yes because you know me. My phone blew up later that night and I even made it to the net. Bonus, I also happened to be wearing my iHeartMedia jacket as well, so I got some promotion in too. Check out the video, and see my fierce beard in action here!


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