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Pearl Jam fans have a few new details about the band's highly-anticipated new album, Lightning Bolt.  

The rockers recently unveiled the track list for their tenth studio effort, which is due out next month.  Fans are already familiar with some of the songs, including "Lightning Bolt's" lead single, "Mind Your Manners." 

Pearl Jam also showed off the title track and the album closer, "Future Days," during their concert at Chicago's Wrigley Field earlier this summer.  Another song, "Sleeping By Myself," showed up on frontman Eddie Vedder's 2011 solo album, Ukulele Songs

The "Lightning Bolt" song titles first started coming out on the band's official Twitter account along with illustrations by Don Pendleton.  Bassist Jeff Ament posted a note on calling the visual artist one of his favorites, adding that it's nice to go outside the circle now and then to "work/play" with other artists.  

Pearl Jam's Lightning Bolt track list: 

1. "Getaway" 
2. "Mind Your Manners" 
3. "My Father's Son" 
4. "Sirens" 
5. "Lightning Bolt" 
6. "Infallible" 
7. "Pendulum" 
8. "Swallowed Whole" 
9. "Let the Records Play" 
10. "Sleeping By Myself" 
11. "Yellow Moon" 
12. "Future Days" 

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