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(Yahoo!) - The surreal plight of Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe was one of the more bizarre stories of 2012. After the band's airplane touched down in Prague, where the group was scheduled to play a concert in June of that year, Blythe was arrested and charged with manslaughter.

The arrest stemmed from a 2010 incident in which Blythe allegedly pushed 19-year-old fanDaniel Nosek off the stage, and the man died of head injuries two weeks later. Blythe and the band claim they were not informed about Nosek's death, so the arrest came as a complete shock upon their return to Prague.

The singer spent over a month in a Czech prison before he was released on $400,000 bail (upped from an original $200,000), and allowed to go home until the trial. He eventually came back to Prague, and was tried and acquitted in March 2013. The ordeal reportedly bankrupted the band, which will tour all summer to speed their return to the black.

The experience inspired Blythe not only to channel his frustration and aggression into his performances, but also to write his memoir, which will be released on DaCapo books in Spring 2014.


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