Roger Waters will bring his recent tour of The Wall to the big screen.  The former Pink Floyd front-man spent the last several years touring with a stage show based on the legendary album.

The Wall Live was shot in three cities across two continents.  The film will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival.

The Wall was a double album originally released by Pink Floyd in 1979.  Waters served as the chief songwriter of the rock opera.  It is a semi-autobiographical story of a protagonist named "Pink."

The music and stage show are "drenched in Waters's politics and memories. Scarred by the fact that his father was killed in action in Italy in 1944, when Roger was not yet six months old, his work is a plea for peace and understanding — as "walls" create fear, misunderstanding, and often lead to war and death. Roger Waters The Wal includes a highly personal and moving journey through France and Italy as Waters visits the WWI cemetery in which his grandfather, killed in 1916, is buried, and the monument near the Anzio beaches on which his father's name is inscribed. On the hundredth anniversary of the First World War's outbreak, this film shows that art so often springs from memory — and we can never forget."

The album also inspired a movie called Pink Floyd -- The Wall.  It should be noted that the new film is a concert film.  This is not a remake of the original movie.