Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has a pessimistic view of the state of rock music.  He tells Yahoo Music, "I have a feeling that we're kind of at the end of an era, in a lot of different ways."

Perry goes on to explain:

"We just saw a pretty amazing age of music go by, starting with all the social unrest and the war in the '60s. The music really was a lot more than it is today, more of a statement. It was more of an us-against-them thing, kind of the background marching orders for the revolution, for the change that happened in the '50s and '60s.  Bands would go out there and play just for the joy of being able to go out and play music, without this huge celebrity thing that comes along with it now. And then we had the MTV era, which I think were the golden years of rock 'n' roll. But now there's very few bands with that old show-must-go-on attitude, that built their reputations on playing live and managed to stay together and still carry that."

Aerosmith is currently in the middle of their Let Rock Rule tour.  Perry says that touring and playing live remain "the core of our philosophy."

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